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Watts Premier WP531152 RO Pure Replacement Filters, 4 Pack




  • RO FILTER KIT CONTENTS: When it is time to change all the filters in your Watts Premier RO Pure this 4-Pack Filter kit fits your needs pefectly. Containing one – Five Micron Sediment Filter (105311), one – Five Micron Carbon Pre-Filter (105351), one – 50 GPD Membrane (105331), and one – Five Micron Carbon Post-Filter (105341).
  • RO FILTER PERFORMANCE: The Sediment Pre-Filter reduces dirt, silt and rust which affect the taste and appearance of your water. The Carbon Pre-Filter reduces chlorine taste and odors, also conditions the water before it is treated by the reverse osmosis membrane. The 50 GPD Membrane reduces TDS and other contaminants like Chromium, Arsenic, Copper, Lead and Cysts. The Carbon Post-Filter is a high quality Final Polishing Filter to remove any remaining chlorine or other chemicals.
  • EASY FILTER MAINTENANCE: Changing filters is easy with the unique push-button assembly allowing for one-step filter changes that don’t require you to shut off your water source. In order to maintain your system in its top performance it is recommended to replace both the Sediment and Carbon Pre-filters every 6 months, replace the Carbon Post-filter once a year, and replace the Membrane to every 2 to 5 years. This will ensure you have crystal clear, high quality and great tasting water.
  • Replacement filters kit includes One of each filter for Premier RO-Pure reverse osmosis systems
  • Filters change out at with Push Button to release filter from RO Manifold Housing
  • Kit includes one of each of the follow Premier Part #s: F105311, F105351, F105331, F105341
  • RO PURE WATER FILTER REPLACEMENT KIT: This 531152 Four Pack of Replacement Filters is designed for use with Watts Premier’s RO Pure (531407, 531411) Reverse Osmosis Systems and is compatible with Watts Premier’s RO Pure Plus (531417) or Zero Pure Plus (531517). Save money by purchasing all the Filters in one kit together rather than individually. NOTE: This kit will only work with the RO Pure and Pure Plus line of Reverse Osmosis Systems. These filters will NOT fit the Watts 1/4 turn Kwik Change Reverse Osmosis System.
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