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Tatu Blending sponge duo, 2 Count


Tatu Blending sponge duo, 2 Count



About the product
  • Soak sponge with warm water and gently squeeze out any excess.
  • Hold the sponge from the bottom for a softer application, or grip from the ridged center for a more intense application.
  • Use the wide base of the sponge to cover larger surfaces of the face including the cheeks, forehead, and chin. Use the tapered end to contour and highlight, and to blend makeup around harder to reach areas like the eyes and nose.
  • Once finished, gently wash the sponge using warm water and a gentle cleansing soap or liquid. Do not wring/twist the sponge and avoid using fingernails as this can cause it to tear.
  • Ensure sponge is fully dried before storing away or reusing.
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