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Tatu 4 piece smoky eye brush set, 5 Count


Tatu 4 piece smoky eye brush set, 5 Count



About the product
  • CONTOUR SHADOW BRUSH – Perfect for enhancing the contours of the eye. Use to apply shadow into the crease and brow bone for adding layers of dimension.
  • ANGLED EYESHADOW BRUSH – The unique shape of this dense brush is used to blend and contour the eye. Focusing on the crease and outer eyelid, this brush helps to create a medium-heavy, full coverage.
  • ANGLED LINER BRUSH – This multifunction brush works to define the eyes. Perfect for light strokes along the lash line. It can also be used to shape and fill-in the eyebrows, adding depth by creating thin upward strokes to mimic hair.
  • EYESHADOW SMUDGE BRUSH – This smudge brush has short, densely packed bristles. This brush is the ideal precision tool for blending and smudging intense pigment into the eye socket and along the lash line.
  • BONUS MINI EYELASH CURLER – This mini eyelash curler targets even the shortest inner corner lashes with ease. Create fuller looking lashes, in more manageable sections, while reducing the chance of pinching the delicate skin around the eye
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