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No Bark Dog Collar S / M / L




  • KEEP YOUR FURRY FRIEND QUIET IN A HUMANE WAY: We all know how frustrating it can be to try and quiet man’s best friend when he or she is barking constantly, and shock collars, with the pain they cause, just aren’t the way to correct their barking. That’s why our humane, no bark dog collars are the perfect tool to help with your dog’s barking with little worry.
  • STURDY COLLARS WITH SLEEK DESIGN: All our collars are made from quality materials and include a strap to fit around various size dogs, blue and orange faces to fit your preference, and an extra battery is included with your purchase so that you can continue to use your collar with no extra hassle.
  • EASY AND SIMPLE USE: Our collars are all made easy to use to take the guesswork and worry out of decreasing your dog’s barks. Our collars work on a beeping and vibrating system and have 7 different levels of correction that increases after each bark. The collar works on this beeping and vibration system to provide a safe, effective alternative to shock collars that is easy and simple to use.
  • VERSATILE AND USEFUL FOR VARIOUS DOGS: Our collars, with their adjustable strap and sizing, can fit various dogs from the smallest furry friends to the largest. This collar may not work on some larger dogs, however, for most of our furry friends, this collar is an easily adjusted fit.
  • HELPFUL, HUMANE, AND HIGH QUALITY: Our collars, with their easy to use and humane system, and high quality construction, are a great tool for pet owners. We all love our furry friends but sometimes we need them quieter, or to train them to know when and when not to bark, and with this easy and humane solution, it’s sure to help dogs decrease their barks. Give our product a try!
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